Frequently Asked Questions

It is similar to a food order, except we dont charge you before the campaign goals are reached.
We do not charge you until the campaign is successful and the goals have been met. We use your card details only if the goals are met.
You can cancel your bid at any time while the campaign is running, should you change your mind - at 0 charge and 100% refund. You can do this from your mybids page. For completed campaigns, we issue a 95% refund of your bid amount. The processing time for refund is 3-5 business days.
You can change your delivery address from your profile page at any time.
You can reach out to any of our support channels listed in the Support and FAQ section of your profile. We are available on emails, whatsapp and telegram from 8 AM to 10 PM IST.
You can register at partner.bydbyt.com
Its a short form of Bid-Bite.